Battery Specialists of Hawai‘i offers an extensive line of automotive and light truck batteries with sizes and power levels to fit the majority of vehicles on the road today.  If you are driving an economy car, luxury sedan, van, SUV, low rider, muscle machine, or anything in between… we’ve got your battery. 

Our selection of batteries include flooded, AGM, and pure lead.

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Our lead-acid (flooded) batteries provide a range of power and endurance for nearly 90% of all cars, light trucks and SUV's including Asian and European imports.  

AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat)

AGM batteries are constructed differently from the traditional flooded batteries which incorporates thin ultra-fine fiberglass mats sandwiched between the plates that are saturated with battery acid.  Because the plates and mats are packed tightly they are almost immune to vibration yielding a longer battery life.  The completely sealed, no maintenance batteries allow owners to mount the batteries in various positions including sideways, upside down, etc.  Why is this important?  There will be no corrosive acid coming out of the battery allowing the battery to charge and discharge for an longer period of time.

Pure Lead