Our Story

"Providing a wide array of quality motorcycle, automotive, commercial, golf cart, marine, power sport, solar, off grid, UPS, and back up power batteries."

Battery Specialists Of Hawai'i is committed to providing superior service and quality products, accomplished through the preservation of the ‘āina and respect to culture and people. Battery Specialists Of Hawai'i is a 100% locally owned company practicing business by the Hawaiian virtues of pono (goodness), mālama (caring), and lōkahi (community). Our "birth to earth" philosophy ensures that we here at Battery Specialists Of Hawai'i will not only sell you the best battery for your specific application, but will also ensure that all of your used batteries are recycled properly and free of charge to preserve and protect our local communities.

Battery Specialists of Hawai‘i offers competitive prices on a wide array of batteries and accessories for wholesale and retail customers.  We provide products properly selected and fitted for the average driver to the extreme enthusiast best suited for our tropical environment providing you with battery longevity.

Our dedication is exemplified through our exclusive line of HI Performance Batteries manufactured using gravity cast grid positive plates which offer superior performance, longevity, and durability in extreme conditions.